Chemical Resistance of MVP Belting

+ = Resistant    O = Limited resistance    - = Not resistant     S = Dissolve

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ald/ket Acetaldehyde 40    
amide Acetamide 50 >140  
acid-org Acetic acid 10   +
acid-org Acetic acid 10 100  
acid-org Acetic acid 95    
ald/ket Acetone     +
ald/ket Acetophenone      
hc-halo Acetyl chloride      
hc Acetylene      
acid-org Acrylic acid      
hc Acrylonitril      
amine Aliphatic amines      
hc Aliphatic hydrocarbons      
arom Alkylbenzenes      
alc Allyl alcohol      
salt Aluminium acetate sat.    
salt Aluminium chloride 10    
base Aluminium hydroxide sat.    
salt Aluminium salts of mineral acids sat.    
salt Aluminium trichloride 10    
acid-org Amino acids sat.    
base Ammonia      
salt Ammonium chloride 35    
salt Ammonium chloride 35 100  
salt Ammonium fluoride sat.   0
base Ammonium hydroxide 10    
salt Ammonium salts of mineral acids 10    
salt Ammonium salts of mineral acids 10 50  
salt Ammonium sulphide sat.    
salt Ammonium thiocyanate sat.    
ester Amyl acetate      
ester Amyl acetate   100  
alc Amyl alcohol      
base-org Aniline      
rest Anise      
rest Anodizing liquid (HNO3/H2SO4)      
salt Antimony trichoride sat.    
acid Aqua Regina (HCL/HNO3)      
arom Aromatic hydrocarbons      
rest ASTM 1     +
rest ASTM 3     +
salt Bariumsalts of mineral acids      
ald/ket Benzaldehyde      
arom Benzene      
arom Benzene   80  
acid-org Benzoic acid 20    
acid-org Benzoic acid sat.    
alc Benzyl alcohol      
alc Beverages      
rest Bleaching agent (NaOCl)      
rest Blood      
acid-org Boric acid 10    
salt Boron trifluoride      
rest Brake fluids (DOT 3/4)     -
halo Bromine water sat.    
hc-halo Bromobenzene      
hc-halo Bromochlorodifluoromethane      
hc-halo Bromotrifluoromethane      
rest Burnishing oil      
hc Butadiene      
hc Butane      
alc Butanediols      
alc Butanediols   >140  
alc Butanols      
alc Butene glycol      
alc Butene glycol   >160  
hc Butene-1      
hc Butter      
ester Butyl acetate      
hc Butyl acrylate      
hc Butyl glycolate      
hc Butyl phthalate      
acid-org Butyric acid 20    
hc Butyrolactone      
hc Butyrolactone   >90  
salt Calcium chloride 10   0
salt Calcium chloride 10 100  
salt Calcium chloride sat.    
salt Calcium chloride sat. 60  
salt Calcium chloride sat. 100  
salt Calcium chloride (alcoholic) 20    
base Calcium hydroxide sat.    
salt Calcium hypochloride sat.    
hc Camphor (alcoholic) 50    
hc Caprolactam 50    
hc Caprolactam 50 >150  
rest Carbon dioxide (moist)      
rest Carbon disulfide      
rest Carbon disulfide   60  
hc-halo Carbon tetrachloride      
rest Casein      
rest Castor oil      
hc-halo Chloral hydrate      
hc-halo Chloramines 10    
hc-halo Chlorinated biphenyls   80  
halo Chlorine gas (dry)      
halo Chlorine gas (moist)      
halo Chlorine water      
acid-org Chloroacetic acid 10    
hc-halo Chlorobenzene      
hc-halo Chlorobenzene   50  
hc-halo Chlorobromomethane      
hc-halo Chlorodifluoroethane      
hc-halo Chlorodifluoromethane      
hc-halo Chlorofluoroethylene      
hc-halo Chloroform     -
acid Chlorosulfonic acid 10    
acid Chromic acid 1    
acid Chromic acid 10    
rest Chromyl chloride      
rest Cinnamon      
hc cis-2-butene      
acid-org Citric acid 10    
acid-org Citric acid 20 80  
salt Cobalt salt 20    
salt Copper sulphate 10    
salt Copper(II) salt 10    
phen Cresols      
alc Cycloalcohols (incl their esters)      
hc Cycloalkanes      
ald/ket Cycloalkanones      
alc Cyclohexanol      
rest Decalin      
rest Developer (photografic)      
ester Diamyl phthalate      
ester Dibutyl phthalate      
ester Dibutyl phthalate   60  
hc-halo Dichlorobenzene      
hc-halo Dichloroethane      
hc-halo Dichloroethylene      
hc-halo Dichlorofluoromethane      
hc-halo Dichlorotetrafluoroethane      
ether Diethyl ether     0
alc Diethylene glycol      
alc Diethylene glycol   >140  
hc-halo Difluoromethane      
amide Dimethyl acetamide      
amide Dimethyl acetamide   >150  
ether Dimethyl ether      
amine Dimethylamine      
amide Dimethylformamide      
amide Dimethylformamide   90  
rest Dimethylsilane      
rest Dimethylsulfoxide      
rest Dimethylsulfoxide   125  
ester Dinonyl phtalate      
ester Dioctyl phtalate      
ether Dioxan      
ether Dioxan   60  
ether Diphenyl ether   80  
ether Dipropyl ether      
rest Drilling oil      
rest Duck grease      
rest Edible fats waxes and oils   100  
rest Electroplating bath (acidic)      
rest Electroplating bath (alkali)      
rest Essential oil      
hc Ethane      
alc Ethanol     0
ester Ethyl acetate     0
amine Ethyl amine      
hc-halo Ethyl bromide      
hc-halo Ethyl chloride      
hc Ethylene      
salt Ethylene carbonate   50  
salt Ethylene carbonate   100  
hc-halo Ethylene chloride      
hc-halo Ethylene chlorohydrin      
alc Ethylene glycol      
alc Ethylene glycol   100  
hc Ethylene oxide      
hc Ethylene oxide   >80  
amine Ethylenediamine      
acid-org Fatty acids      
alc Fatty alcohols      
salt Ferric chloride 2,5    
salt Ferric chloride 2,5 100  
rest Fish oil      
rest Fixer (photografic)      
hc-halo Fluorinated hydrocarbons   70  
halo Fluorine      
ald/ket Formaldehyde 30    
amide Formamide      
amide Formamide   >150  
acid-org Formic acid 10    
acid-org Formic acid 10 50  
acid-org Formic acid 30    
rest Fruit juices      
rest Fuel; Diesel   85 +
rest Fuel; FAM 1A      
rest Fuel; FAM 2A      
rest Fuel; Gasoline   85  
rest Fuel; LPG      
ald/ket Furfural      
alc Furfuryl alcohol      
rest Glucose      
alc Glycerol      
alc Glycerol   170  
acid-org Glycolic acid 30    
alc Glycols     0
rest Grease (based on ester oils)   <100  
rest Grease (based on metal soaps)   <100  
rest Grease (based on polyphenylester)   <100  
rest Hardening oils      
rest Heating oils      
hc Heptane      
hc-halo Hexachlorobenzene   80  
hc-halo Hexachloroethane      
hc-halo Hexafluoroisopropanol      
amine Hexamethylenetetramine      
hc Hexane      
rest Hydraulic fluids   100  
acid Hydrobromic acid 10    
acid Hydrochloric acid 10   +
acid Hydrochloric acid 20    
acid Hydrochloric acid conc.    
acid Hydrofluoric acid 5    
acid Hydrofluoric acid 40    
rest Hydrogen      
ester Hydrogen peroxide 0,5    
ester Hydrogen peroxide 1    
ester Hydrogen peroxide 3    
ester Hydrogen peroxide 30   0
ester Hydrogen sulphide 10    
acid Hydroiodic acid      
phen Hydroquinone 5    
rest Impregnating oils      
rest Ink      
halo Iodine (alcoholic)      
salt Iron(III)chloride sat.    
salt Iron(III)chloride (acidic) 10    
salt Iron(III)chloride (neutral) 10    
salt Iron(III)thiocyanate 10    
alc isoamylalcohol      
hc Isocyanates (aromatic)      
hc Isooctane   80  
alc Isopropanol      
alc Isopropanol   60  
ald/ket Ketones (aliphatic)      
acid-org Lactic acid   10  
acid-org Lactic acid   90  
salt Lead acetate 10    
rest Linseed oil      
salt Lithium bromide 10    
salt Lithium chloride 20    
base Lithium hydroxide 10    
base Lithium hydroxide 10 80  
rest Lubricating oil (gear)   <130  
rest Lubricating oil (hydraulics)   <130  
rest Lubricating oil (transformers)   <130  
base Magnesium hydroxide 10    
salt Magnesium salts 10    
acid-org Maleic acid 25    
acid-org Maleic acid sat.    
salt Manganese salts 10    
rest Mercury      
salt Mercury(II)chloride sat.    
hc Methane      
alc Methanol      
ester Methyl acetate      
salt Methyl chloride      
ald/ket Methyl ethyl ketone      
rest Methyl formate      
alc Methyl glycol      
amine Methylamine      
hc Methylaniline      
hc-halo Methylbromide      
hc-halo Methylene chloride      
ald/ket Methylpyrrolidone      
rest Milk      
arom Naphtha      
arom Naphthalene      
acid-org Naphthalenesulfonic acids      
acid-org Naphthenic acids      
alc Naphthols      
ether n-Butyl ether      
alc n-butyl glycol      
salt Nickel nitrate 10    
salt Nickel salts 10    
acid Nitric acid conc.    
acid Nitric acid 2    
acid Nitric acid 10   +
acid Nitric acid 20    
arom Nitrobenzene      
arom Nitrobenzene   >100  
rest Nitrocellulose lacquers (alcoholic)      
rest Nitrocellulose lacquers  non-alcoholic      
rest Nitrogen oxides      
hc Nitromethane      
hc Nitropropane      
arom Nitrotoluene      
arom Nitrotoluene   >100  
acid Nitrous fumes      
rest Nitrous oxide      
hc Octane      
hc Octene      
rest Oil (Burmah TAF 21)      
rest Oil (Castrol TAF)      
rest Oil (Shell 10W40)      
rest Oil (Shell Dexron ATF)      
rest Oil (Shell Spirax EP90)      
rest Oil (transformers, switchgear)   50  
rest Oils vegatable, mineral, ethereal      
acid-org Oleic acid      
acid Oleum (H2SO4+SO3)      
acid-org Oxalic acid 10    
acid-org Oxalic acid 10 80  
rest Ozone      
rest Paint solvents      
acid-org Palmatic acid   80  
hc Paraffin      
hc Pentane      
rest Pentasin CHF 11 (S)      
rest Pentasin CHF 7.1      
acid-org Peracetic acid      
acid-org Perchloric acid 10    
acid-org Perchloric acid conc.    
hc-halo Perchloro ethylene      
rest Petroleum      
rest Petroleum ether and solvents   80  
phen Phenol   >40  
phen Phenol conc.    
phen Phenol (alc. sol.) 70    
ether Phenyl ether      
alc Phenyl ethyl alcohol      
alc Phenyl ethyl alcohol   >160  
salt Phosphate sol. (neutral, alkaline) 10    
rest Phosphine      
acid Phosphoric acid 3    
acid Phosphoric acid 10   +
acid Phosphoric acid conc.    
acid Phosphorous acid conc.    
hc-halo Phosphorous oxychloride      
hc-halo Phosphorous trichloride      
acid-org Phthalic acid sat.    
alc Polyols      
salt Potassium bromide 10    
salt Potassium bromide sat.    
salt Potassium carbonate sat.    
salt Potassium chloride 10    
salt Potassium chloride 10 70  
salt Potassium chloride sat.    
rest Potassium cyanide      
salt Potassium dichromate 5    
salt Potassium dichromate sat.    
base Potassium hydroxide 50    
salt Potassium nitrate 10    
salt Potassium perchlorate 10    
salt Potassium permanganate 1    
salt Potassium permanganate 10    
salt Potassium persulphate 10    
salt Potassium rhodanide sat.    
salt Potassium thiocyanate sat.    
hc Propane      
alc Propanol      
alc Propanol   >100  
hc Propene      
acid-org Propionic acid 5    
acid-org Propionic acid 20    
acid-org Propionic acid 50    
base-org Pyridine      
base-org Pyridine   80  
rest Pyrocatechol      
base-org Pyrrolidone      
acid-org Pyruvic acid 10    
rest Rainwater (acidic)      
rest Rapeseed oil      
rest Refrigerator oil      
phen Resorcinol (alcoholic) 1    
phen Resorcinol (alcoholic) 50    
salt Road salts      
rest SAE 80      
acid-org Salicylic acid sat.    
rest Seawater      
rest Sewing machine oil      
rest Silane      
hc Silicone oils   <80  
hc Silicone oils   >100  
salt Silver nitrate 10    
rest Soap solution 10 80  
salt Sodium bichromate 5    
salt Sodium bichromate 10    
salt Sodium bromide 10    
salt Sodium cabonate 20 100  
salt Sodium carbonate 10    
salt Sodium carbonate sat.    
salt Sodium chlorate 10    
salt Sodium chlorate sat.    
salt Sodium chloride 10    
salt Sodium chloride sat.    
salt Sodium chlorite 10    
salt Sodium cyanide 10    
salt Sodium dichromate 10    
salt Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate      
salt Sodium hydrogen carbonate 10    
salt Sodium hydrogen sulfate 10    
salt Sodium hydrogen sulfite 10    
base Sodium hydroxide 10   +
base Sodium hydroxide 50    
base Sodium hydroxide 10 80  
salt Sodium hypochlorite 5    
salt Sodium hypochlorite 10    
salt Sodium hypophosphite 10    
salt Sodium lauryl sulfate 30    
salt Sodium lignosulfonate      
salt Sodium nitrilotriacetate 10    
salt Sodium oleate      
salt Sodium pentachlorophenolate      
salt Sodium pyrosulfite 10    
salt Sodium salts (nitrate, sulfate) 10    
salt Sodium salts (nitrate, sulfate) sat.    
salt Sodium sulfate sat.    
rest Soldering fluid      
rest Steam      
hc Stearate      
acid-org Stearic acid      
arom Styrene   80  
rest Sulfonates 10    
rest Sulfur      
rest Sulfur dioxide (dry)      
rest Sulfur dioxide (moist)      
rest Sulfur hexafluoride      
acid Sulfuric acid 30   +
acid Sulfuric acid 50    
acid Sulfuric acid conc.    
acid Sulfuric acid 2    
acid Sulfurous acid sat.    
acid Sulfurous acid 10    
halo Sulfuryl chloride      
acid-org Tartaric acid 10    
acid-org Tartaric acid 50    
hc-halo Tetrachloroethylene     0
hc-halo Tetrachloroethylene   80  
hc-halo Tetrachloromethane      
hc Tetraethyllead      
hc-halo Tetrafluoromethane      
hc-halo Tetrafluoropropanol      
hc Tetrahydrofuran      
rest Tetralin      
rest Tetramethylenesulfone      
arom Thiophene      
arom Toluene     +
arom Toluene   100  
rest Transformer oil     -
amine Trichloro ethyl amine      
rest Trichloroacetic acid 10    
acid-org Trichloroacetic acid 50    
ester Trichloroacetic acid ethyl ester      
hc-halo Trichloroethane   45  
alc Trichloroethanol      
hc-halo Trichloroethyl phosphate      
hc-halo Trichloroethylene     -
hc-halo Trichloroethylene   >40  
hc-halo Trichlorotrifluoroethane      
hc Tricresyl phosphate      
amine Trietanolamine      
alc Trifluoroethanol      
amine Trimethylamine      
rest Turpentine oil      
rest Turpentine substitute      
salt Uranium fluoride      
rest Urea 20    
acid-org Uric acid 20    
rest Urine      
rest Vanillin      
rest Varnish      
rest Vaseline (acid free)      
rest Vegatable oils      
rest Vegatables      
hc-halo Vinyl bromide      
hc-halo Vinyl chloride      
hc-halo Vinyl fluoride      
rest Water     +
rest Water (chlorinated)   80  
rest Wax   80  
arom Xylene      
arom Xylene   100  
rest Yeast      
salt Zinc bromide 30    
salt Zinc chloride      
salt Zinc chloride 10   +
salt Zinc chloride 37    
salt Zinc iodide 30    
salt Zinc nitrate 30    
salt Zinc sulfate sat.    
salt Zinc thiocyanate 30    
salt Zinc(II)salts of mineral acids 10    

The above chart is based on information available from resin manufacturer and is not the opinion of Superior Belting Company. 3.2003