Crimping Procedure for Can Cable Welder

1.    Strip can cable belt back 1-1/2 on both ends to be joined.

2.    Place stripped ends with 2 crimpsleeves installed into the crimper keeping approximately between crimpsleeves.

3.    Compress crimpsleeves completely, (using both hands if necessary), 3 places/crimp.

4.    Belt preparation is now complete and ready for thermo-forming of cover.  Note: Overall joint length should not exceed 1-3/4 inches.

5.    Fit prepared joint into press bottom, install top, and insert pre-cut melt stick,( or removed cover from operation #1) into compression barrel, leaving approximately 1/16 clearance from top of barrel.

6.    Mount air-ram; tighten both hold down bolts, making sure SS plunger is seated into barrel. Inspect silicone O-ring and replace if needed.

7.    Connect Air press line (not to exceed 100 psi).

8.    Plug in control box to 110 V. service, set timer for 25 minutes (time may vary due to local power). Watch plunger depress several cooks to gauge time needs.

9.    Unit will reach correct temperature, plunger will depress. Unit will turn off. Watch for material leaving the weep holes in top of Splicer when plunger reaches full stroke. Can cable joint should be allowed to cool undisturbed and will be ready for service in approximately 35 minutes.

 When Can Cable is joined with crimpsleeve system, joint strength is 90% of virgin cable.

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